5 Reading Facts That Will BLOW YOUR MIND! 🤯

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Hello there!! What’s this, me posting somewhat regularly? Don’t get used to it, it’s not gonna last 😅 (also the title looks like it belongs to a clickbait YouTube video lol)

Anyways, today I’m going to be sharing some crazy facts about ✨reading✨ that will be sure to shock you!

Fact #1:

According to studies, people who read regularly tend to have at least 13.5% higher IQ then those who don’t!

Fact #2:

Reading books late at night makes you need glasses! 1 in 10 people that require glasses will tell you that they used to read books at night. (side note: it’s not reading at a certain time that will give you glasses, but the fact that people reading at night tend to not have proper lighting)

Fact #3:

Scientists have found that people who used to read a lot as kids hardly read at all as adults. They have yet to discover the reason for this paradox, but studies continue to be conducted in hope that they might unravel the great mystery.

Fact #4:

People that read books regularly are 16.3% more likely to become obsessed with grammar than their peers.

Fact #5:

In a controversial study, researchers found that people that read are 50% more likely to have a developed moral compass than those who don’t, therefore giving them endless moral high ground.

Those are all of the facts! I hope you enjoyed reading!! Comment your favorite fact or a cool fact you know below!

BYE! 👋

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