SoMe ReAlLy CoOl StUfF 😎 pArT 2

HeLlO tHeRe! A wHiLe AgO, i WrOtE tHiS pOsT, wHiCh WaS bAsIcAlLy Me TaLkInG aBoUt SoMe sTuFf tHaT i DiD, sUcH aS uPdAtInG mY bLoG bY aDdInG a SiDeBaR. iT wAs FuN tO wRiTe, AnD sO i HaVe DeCiDeD tO wRiTe AnOtHeR oNe.

CoOl ThInG #1:

iN tHe PrEvIoUs InStAlLmEnT oF tHiS sErIeS, i MeNtIoNeD tHaT mY kNiTtInG pAtTeRn HaD bEeN fAvOrItEd By A lOt Of PeOpLe oN rAvElRy. ThIs CoOl ThInG iS tHaT sOmEoNe AcTuAlLy MaDe It, AnD sHaReD a PiCtUrE oF iT!!!!!!!!! SoMeOnE uSeD mY pAtTeRn!!! I wAs So HaPpY wHeN i sAw It. HeRe Is ThE lInk FoR tHoSe oF yOu wItH rAvElRy AcCoUnTs, AnD hErE’s A sCrEeNsHot FoR y’AlL wHo DoN’t.

lOoK aT iT!!! sO cUtE!!! I lOvE hOw ThEy DiD tHe FaCe!!!

CoOl ThInG #2:

lAsT mOnTh WaS mY fIrSt BlOgIvErSaRy!!! I mEaNt To WrItE a PoSt On It, BuT fOrgOt πŸ˜… AnYwAyS, cLiCk HeRe To ReAd My FiRsT pOsT! iT’s CrAzY tHaT iT’s BeEn OvEr A yEaR sInCe I sTaRtEd ThIs BlOg. ThAnK yOu aLl FoR sTiCkInG wItH mE! ❀

ThAt’S aBoUt It! FoR sUcH a ShOrT pOsT iT rEaLlY tOoK mE a LoNg TiMe To WrItE. (β€’_β€’)

hAvE a MeMe BeFoRe YoU gO

fOuNd oN pInTeReSt

bYe!! πŸ‘‹πŸ˜ƒ

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