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The Awkward Blogger Award

Hello there!! Last week Norah nominated me for this award! Thanks Norah, it looks like a lot of fun! 😊 Rules: Thank the blogger who nominated youInclude the graphic and rules in your postAnswer the 5 awkward questions:1. What are three words you find boring?2. Finish this line: “I feel awkward because…”3. What’s the last… Continue reading The Awkward Blogger Award


5 Reading Facts That Will BLOW YOUR MIND! 🤯

Background of featured image © Gülfer ERGİN on Unsplash Hello there!! What's this, me posting somewhat regularly? Don't get used to it, it's not gonna last 😅 (also the title looks like it belongs to a clickbait YouTube video lol) Anyways, today I'm going to be sharing some crazy facts about ✨reading✨ that will be… Continue reading 5 Reading Facts That Will BLOW YOUR MIND! 🤯


WE DARE YOU TO BLOG 2022 // blog competition!! {open}

OH MY GOSH!!! WDYTB is back! It looks like so much fun!

maggie’s doodles

Last May,
I hosted an
competition with my
buddy Evin!
Through it,
we answered the

What if there was a blog competition where everyone competed against each other for the title of Most Daring Blogger?

It was an incredible event!!

Now I’m ready
to introduce to you…

animation by Evin, handlettering by Maggie!

We Dare You To Blog! is an awesome blogging competition hosted in the month of May!

Wanna see what all of
this is about?
Read on to find out!

What it is: A blogging competition where contestants write dare posts on their blogs!
How to Compete: Write posts on your blog that meet the fun, daring criteria presented in this event!
How it Works: Two blogging dares will be announced each week in May
Goal: Have fun with your blog all month long!

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The Remarkable Blogger Tag

Hellooooooo! I'm back after a month with another tag post! Bea nominated me for this tag, (thank you!! 😊) which was made by Selina. ©Selina, 2022 Rules: Add the featured image Tag your post with #the remarkable blogger tagPingback to original post Mention the creator Share something unique about you Answer the nine questions the person who nominated you has… Continue reading The Remarkable Blogger Tag

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Happy 2’s day!! & The Blogger Recommendations Tag

Happy 2's day!! 2️⃣🎉 Not my image Anyways, onto the tag. 😊 Maggie tagged me for this. Thank you Maggie!!💙💙 ©Nehal Rules: Thank and link back to the person who tagged you.Mention the creator of the tag: Nehal @ Quirky Pages.List the rules.Share one or more bloggers you think fits into each criteria.The people you mention… Continue reading Happy 2’s day!! & The Blogger Recommendations Tag