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Tea Cozy 🧶

Hello there! Around two months ago, I knitted this tea cozy. I only finished it recently because I kept putting off sewing on the buttons. The cozy was too small for the pot, so I had to add more buttons to make it stay on properly. If you look at the photos, you can see… Continue reading Tea Cozy 🧶

Knitting Patterns

Sweater Monster (Knitting Pattern)

My first pattern on the website! It's pretty simple, the only tricky parts are making the legs and arms, so I think an advanced beginner could probably knit this. 🧶 Scroll down to see the pattern⬇ This pattern is an adaption of one I made a few years ago. The original pattern was inspired by… Continue reading Sweater Monster (Knitting Pattern)

things I made

Food Cats!

*Note: This is not a pattern. These are some food-themed cats I made with a knitting pattern from Mollie Makes Knitting: Left to right: Burger cat, popcorn cat, and ice cream cat. I started making them as Christmas presents two years ago, but didn't complete them on time. I forgot about them for a year,… Continue reading Food Cats!