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The Awkward Blogger Award

Hello there!! Last week Norah nominated me for this award! Thanks Norah, it looks like a lot of fun! 😊 Rules: Thank the blogger who nominated youInclude the graphic and rules in your postAnswer the 5 awkward questions:1. What are three words you find boring?2. Finish this line: “I feel awkward because…”3. What’s the last…

SoMe ReAlLy CoOl StUfF 😎 pArT 2

HeLlO tHeRe! A wHiLe AgO, i WrOtE tHiS pOsT, wHiCh WaS bAsIcAlLy Me TaLkInG aBoUt SoMe sTuFf tHaT i DiD, sUcH aS uPdAtInG mY bLoG bY aDdInG a SiDeBaR. iT wAs FuN tO wRiTe, AnD sO i HaVe DeCiDeD tO wRiTe AnOtHeR oNe. CoOl ThInG #1: iN tHe PrEvIoUs InStAlLmEnT oF tHiS sErIeS, i MeNtIoNeD…

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