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Donkey 🐴

Did you know that there isn’t a donkey emoji? I tried to find one for the title, but there are only horses! 🀯

I started this donkey in May, but just finished it earlier today because I kept taking breaks from working on it. The part that took longest to make was the hair, which took me around an hour and a half! I’m planning on making two more donkeys, because three people I know really like donkeys and I’m making them each one for Christmas.

The donkey pattern is by and is free. The donkey actually turned out smaller than expected. I thought it would be huge, but it’s actually only around 8 inches (20.32 cm) from the tip of the ear to the bottom of the hoof.

You might have noticed that sometime last week I put that ⬆ image into my sidebar. In a blog post I read, someone mentioned something about quotes in sidebars. I liked that idea, so I designed that in Canva. I used a quote about bicycles because my website is named The Pastel Bicycle. 🚲

Thursday has accidentally become my posting day, with this being the third Thursday in a row that I published a post. I have some ideas for other posts that I might do, so check back next week!

I hope you have a great day! 😊

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